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Safe Blue Security Takes Care of your Aging Parents

Whoever thought that a home security system could help families keep a closer eye on their aging parents?

Safe Blue Security is bringing technology to the home security system, giving families the tools they need to watch and care for their loved ones living in different homes. It doesn’t matter if the parents live in Queens and the children live in Brooklyn, this home security monitoring system allows adult children to check in on their aging parents with ease. It also gives everyone the independence they want and need.

This home security also enables families to protect their parents and grandparents from potential exposure to COVID. Instead of physically checking on a parent, families can use real time monitoring systems to ensure their loved ones are always safe.

How Home Security Technology is Shaping the Way New Yorkers Protect Aging Parents

Safe Blue Security’s home security and monitoring system brings motion detecting cameras that can be placed throughout a parent’s home. When a WellCam picks up unusual movements in your family’s home, it will immediately send an alert to your smartphone, giving you details regarding the situation. This allows you to check in on your parents if you see unexpected motion in the middle of the night.

Sensors can also be placed in medicine cabinets, bedrooms and throughout the house, so family members can ensure Mom is taking her medicine, and know when she’s getting out of bed. Whatever the concerns may be, Safe Blue Security provides solutions to make everyone’s life easier.

Safe Blue Security monitoring system can also alert you to any emergencies, giving you additional time to respond. Our systems promptly send notifications to your smartphone devices, keeping you informed when problems arise. You will be able to readily respond when an aging parent falls, helping them get the care they need as quickly as possible.

Mom and Dad have never been so well protected, as Safe Blue Security aims to provide the best service to put your mind at ease.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this new technology, you can click here to read up on it. We can also share more information with you over email or the phone.

Safe Blue Security is a local, NYC, family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the home security business. It was founded by David Quintero and is partnered with and Brinks.

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