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Safe Blue Security - Home Security in Times of Uncertainty

It’s not a comforting statistic for New York City. The latest statistics from the NYPD show burglaries across NYC increased 38 percent in September 2020 versus the same time last year.

But don’t be dismayed. A home security system can bring a lot of peace and mind to your family. If you’re away for the weekend, you will feel reassured knowing if anything unusual happens inside your home.

Safe Blue Security uses smart home technology that will keep you up to date on everything inside your home while you are away. If there is ever an incident of crime or protests in your neighborhood, our smart lock technology allows you to keep tabs on when your door is opened or closed.

Safe Blue Security can install smart video cameras in and outside your home, so you can monitor your home and family from anywhere. Safe Blue Security also offers services that provide protection and monitoring, allowing you to feel more safe and secure.

If you would like to learn more about what Safe Blue Security is doing for customers throughout the New York City area during these times of unrest, feel free to reach out here.

Safe Blue Security is a Brooklyn-based alarm company that brings security monitoring to your home or business. The company is affiliated with and, bringing the same technology and home security features at a lower price. Safe Blue Security is a family owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the home security system.

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