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For Landlords, Developers, and Residents - Safe Blue Security Makes your Job Easier

As a landlord, developer, or even a resident, installing smart home security in your properties makes doing your job easier. Being equipped with smart lock technology, virtual temperature control, maintenance notifications, and vendor management services, saves time and money for all parties.

Safe Blue Security offers smart home technology that enables better client services while making the jobs of landlords and developers less demanding.

Ditch the Physical Keys with Safe Blue Security’s Smart Lock Technology

There’s no more need for physical keys and the hassle that comes with them. Safe Blue Security offers advanced smart lock technology, so you can ditch the keys.

Smart lock technology allows you to open your apartment with a unique code, so when you get locked out you can always find your way back in.

Rekeying costs are no longer a problem either with Safe Blue Security’s connected locks and keyless living system.

Landlords can utilize keyless living by having the option to open apartments for clients without even being there. This is especially important now, as COVID-19 restricts the majority of in-person interactions. This convenience factor saves landlords and clients time and minimizes face-to-face contact.

Control Temperature at your Property from your Smartphone

Landlords can control the temperature of their units from their smartphone, reducing HVAC costs and saving a trip across the city.

Safe Blue Security’s smart thermostat management also allows landlords to cut heating costs in vacant apartments, while extending the life of HVAC units.

Maintenance Notifications Prevent Damage, Saving you Time and Money

Safe Blue Security installs sensors and devices that will alert maintenance staff of problems such as fire alarms, water leaks, and possible HVAC issues.

These devices spring into action when problems arise, preventing extensive damage to your property. By installing these devices in your property, it will ultimately save you time and money that would be spent on repairs to damage.

Manage Vendors with Ease

Property owners can better manage vendors using Safe Blue Security’s smart home technology. By using smart home technology, you can save yourself the hassle of tracking physical keys and coordinating schedules with vendors when it comes to servicing apartments.

By installing Safe Blue Security’s smart home technology, not only will you be saving time and resources, but you and your staff will be able to focus on leasing apartments and building your community.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this new technology, you can click here to read up on it. We can also share more information with you over email or the phone.

Safe Blue Security is a local, NYC, family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the home security business. It was founded by David Quintero and is partnered with and Brinks.

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