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Emergency Shut Off Switch - Main Water Pipeline

When a water pipe bursts, time is of the essence. Even more scary, when a water pipe breaks, most homeowners aren't aware of the leak, leading to tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

And if your home has a basement, insurance statistics show your home will get a water leak from a pipe at sometime during your home ownership.

But Safe Blue Security can prevent this from happening with a new product that detects water leaks and alerts you on your phone when it detects a broken water pipe. Our technology also enables you to turn off the main water pipeline from your mobile app, instantly preventing more water damage to your home.

Total installation for this new automated shut-off valve is $575.

How Emergency Water Shut-Off Valve Works

Our technology places water sensors in critical areas so you are instantly alerted when water starts running without your knowledge. In cases of emergencies, you can immediately shut off the main water pipeline from your mobile app.

Want to learn more? Call David Quintero at 917-642-9824 and he can tell you how it works.

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